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SimCity 3000  1999

SimCity 3000 introduced significant visual improvements to the SimCity franchise. Featuring DirectX graphics, SC3000 looks quite beautiful, but is otherwise very similar to SimCity 2000. Small improvements include having three levels of zone density instead of two, over 350 landmarks to add to your cities, and 3D sound. Time is now measured in days instead of just months. Farming and waste management are new to SimCity 3000, adding a new layer of complexity to an already complex simulation. The good news is that there's a much smaller learning curve when moving from SC2000 than there was from SimCity to SimCity 2000. The game can only be played until a certain level of development is achieved in the shareware demo, and many items and options are unavailable.

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Screenshot of SimCity 3000


SimCity 3000 Shareware Demo (123,939,643 bytes) xxxx Win9x


Copyright holder Electronic Arts no longer sells this game.

It can be purchased from Amazon:

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