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Sherlock for Windows  1995

The Windows version of Sherlock increased the color depth from 16 to 256, and hovering the mouse over the hints triggers a pop-up explanation, which was replaced with a less intrusive dedicated explanation area in v4.0. Sherlock is a game of logic played on a 6×6 grid, and each row has a different set of six pictures that have to be arranged within the row. You get two sets of hints that tell you what relationship the pictures have to each other: one for to their vertical relationship and one for their horizontal relationship. Through the process of deduction, you eliminate possibilities until you know what's in each square. Every puzzle can be solved with the hints that are given, but if you ask for a hint, the game will explain to you in plain English how one of the hints helped you to eliminate one of the possibilities. Getting a hint will cost you 30 seconds on your clock. When you no longer need one of the clues, you can send it to a holding bin, where you can still see it if you change your mind. In the first 65 536 puzzles, you will always be told what a few of the squares are, while the second 65 536 will never complete any of the squares for you unless you increase the handicap. There are 131 072 puzzles in this game, with only 100 playable in the shareware version.

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Sherlock for Windows

Sherlock for Windows


Sherlock for Windows v6.0 Shareware (1,794,048 bytes) 16 November 2009 Win9x
Sherlock for Windows v5.0a Shareware (1,347,072 bytes) 25 March 2002 Win9x
Sherlock for Windows v4.0 Shareware (628,634 bytes) 12 April 2000 Win16
Sherlock for Windows v3.4 Shareware (Still searching) 15 September 1997 Win16
Sherlock for Windows v3.3 Shareware (Still searching) 23 April 1997 Win16
Sherlock for Windows v3.2b Shareware (Still searching) 7 March 1996 Win16
Sherlock for Windows v3.2a Shareware (Still searching) 3 March 1996 Win16
Sherlock for Windows v3.2 Shareware (Still searching) 2 March 1996 Win16
Sherlock for Windows v3.0d Shareware (Still searching) 23 January 1996 Win16
Sherlock for Windows v3.0c Shareware (370,978 bytes) 14 January 1996 Win16
Sherlock for Windows v3.0b Shareware (Still searching) 3 December 1995 Win16
Sherlock for Windows v3.0a Shareware (369,270 bytes) 25 November 1995 Win16
Sherlock for Windows v3.2c Shareware (Still searching) xxxx Win16

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Everett Kaser Software still sells this game for $19.95 by download or CD-ROM.