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Sherlock  1991

If you like Sudoku, but find it too easy, Sherlock is the game for you. The game is played on a 6×6 grid, and each row has a different set of six pictures that have to be arranged within the row. You get two sets of hints that tell you what relationship the pictures have to each other: one for to their vertical relationship and one for their horizontal relationship. There are two kinds of vertical hints and five kinds of horizontal hints. For column hints, you might be told that the H and the 6 are in the same column, or that red house and the banana are not in the same column. For row hints, you might be told that the strawberry is an adjacent column to the baby, the L is not in an adjacent column to the orange, the stop sign is in a column between the apple and the pear, there is one space between the old man and the hospital sign that does not contain the speed limit sign, or the 4 is one or more rows to the left of the 2. Through the process of deduction, you eliminate possibilities until you know what's in each square. Every puzzle can be solved with the hints that are given, but if you ask for a hint, the game will explain to you in plain English how one of the hints helped you to eliminate one of the possibilities. Getting a hint will cost you 30 seconds on your clock. When you no longer need one of the clues, you can send it to a holding bin, where you can still see it if you change your mind. You will always be told what a few of the squares are, but you can make the game easier by increasing the handicap level to get more free squares. Originally all of the puzzles were playable in the shareware version, but it was reduced to 200 in v2.0 and to 100 by v2.07. There are 65 536 puzzles in this game, with only the first 100 puzzles playable in the shareware version.

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Graphics modes

EGA Mode 10h



Complete version history:

Sherlock v2.07 Shareware (122,396 bytes) 20 January 1996 DOS Play online
Sherlock v2.06 Shareware (Still searching) 2 September 1994 DOS
Sherlock v2.05 Shareware (Still searching) 27 March 1994 DOS
Sherlock v2.04 Shareware (Still searching) 2 March 1994 DOS
Sherlock v2.03 Shareware (Still searching) 28 February 1994 DOS
Sherlock v2.02 Shareware (Still searching) 22 January 1994 DOS
Sherlock v2.01 Shareware (Still searching) 16 January 1994 DOS
Sherlock v2.00 Shareware (127,021 bytes) 14 July 1993 DOS
Sherlock v1.50 Shareware (102,257 bytes) 6 June 1992 DOS
Sherlock v1.42 Shareware (139,690 bytes) 26 March 1992 DOS
Sherlock v1.41 Shareware (Still searching) 10 March 1992 DOS
Sherlock v1.4 Shareware (Still searching) 29 February 1992 DOS
Sherlock v1.3 Shareware (Still searching) 22 February 1992 DOS
Sherlock v1.2 Shareware (91,570 bytes) 24 November 1991 DOS
Sherlock v1.1 Shareware (76,175 bytes) 11 May 1991 DOS

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Everett Kaser Software still sells the registered version of this game for $15 by download or CD-ROM.