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ShadowCaster  1993

ShadowCaster is an unusual first-person shooter with some RPG elements. The hero is named Kirt, the last survivor of a race of shape-shifters. Kirt can acquire the ability to transform into six creatures whose various abilities help him advance through the game. For instance, Kahpa is a frog, which allows Kirt to attack with electricity and sonic waves, and to breathe underwater. Ssair is a dragon who can fly above the ground level and move very quickly. Grost is a man made of stone, who is very strong, but very slow. The ShadowCaster game engine was created by John Carmack of id Software after Wolfenstein 3D and before Doom, and falls between the two in terms of features. Compared to Wolfenstein 3D, the ShadowCaster engine features automapping; the ability to jump, fly and swim; diminished lighting; texture mapped floors and ceilings; and walls with variable heights and sloped floors; but lacks the 3D level design and destroyable environment of Doom. In 1994, a CD version of the game was released that added new monsters, two new levels, and replaced text boxes with full motion video sequences and CD audio voice narration. Only three of Kirt's transformations are available in the shareware demo.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of ShadowCaster


ShadowCaster v1.15B (15/10/1993) Shareware Demo (1,398,824 bytes) 1993-10-15 DOS Play online
ShadowCaster v1.15B (11/10/1993) Shareware Demo (1,359,166 bytes) 1993-10-11 DOS


Electronic Arts no longer sells this game.

It can be purchased from Amazon:

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