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Wolfenstein 3D  1992

Gee, what can I possibly say about this game? It's only the game that revolutionized gaming and brought the 3D Shooter genre to computers around the world! You are B.J. Blazkowicz and you have to escape Castle Wolfenstein and kill as many Nazis as you can. Programmed for Apogee by id Software, Apogee released the game to the shareware market, and id later released it to the retail market. Version 1.2 lists as v1.1 on the title screen. It was released 4 days after v1.1 and can be identified by B.J. wearing gloves while holding a machine gun. Shortly after v1.4 was released, Apogee removed the cheat/debug mode by hex-editing the executable and changing the code from "goobers" to seven spaces (it is still possible to enter Debug mode by typing 'wolf3d -"(7 spaces)"'. They later restored the cheat mode and released v1.4g (for "goobers"), though the game still lists as v1.4 everywhere. There are 6 episodes in this game, with only the first episode playable in the shareware version.

Episode 1 - Escape from Wolfenstein
Episode 2 - Operation: Eisenfaust
Episode 3 - Die, Fuhrer, Die!
Episode 4 - A Dark Secret
Episode 5 - Trail of the Madman
Episode 6 - Confrontation

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Wolfenstein 3D


Complete version history:

Wolfenstein 3D v1.4g Shareware Episode (856,401 bytes) 1994-10-01 DOS Play online
Wolfenstein 3D v1.4 Shareware Episode (730,476 bytes) 1993-01-01 DOS
Wolfenstein 3D v1.2 Shareware Episode (642,920 bytes) 1992-06-29 DOS
Wolfenstein 3D v1.1 Shareware Episode (670,919 bytes) 1992-06-25 DOS
Wolfenstein 3D v1.0 Shareware Episode (652,266 bytes) 1992-05-05 DOS


Wolfenstein 3D Super Upgrades Add-on (1,795,206 bytes) xxxx

Source code

Source code for Wolfenstein 3D in Borland C++ 3.0/3.1 (576,904 bytes) xxxx


Apogee still sells the registered version of this game for $5.99 by download. id Software still sells the registered version of this game for $20 by download.

Cheat Codes

Customer Cheat

Pressing [I] [L] [M] all at the same time, will give you both keys, and will give you 100% health. It will also take your score to zero. This cheat will work in both the shareware and the registered version.

Debug Mode

The debug mode is activated with a different command line parameter depending on what version of the game you have.

v1.0 -> -next (Once in the game, press [ctrl] [tab] [enter] to activate)
v1.1+ -> -goobers (Once in the game, press [lshift] [alt] [backspace] to activate)

Once activated, these are the keys you can use.

[tab] [Q] - Quit
[tab] [W] - Warp to level xx
[tab] [E] - Exit to next level
[tab] [T] - Debug info in memory
[tab] [I] - Free items
[tab] [O] - Map of level (only works in beta versions of Wolf3D)
[tab] [S] - Slow motion
[tab] [F] - Position info
[tab] [G] - God mode (no damage)
[tab] [H] - Hurt yourself
[tab] [X] - Extra stuff (???)
[tab] [C] - Statistics
[tab] [V] - Add extra VBLs (Vertical Blanking Signal -- this will do nothing for most users except maybe increase or decrease the game speed.)
[tab] [B] - Change border color
[tab] [M] - Memory map
[tab] [N] - No clipping (walk through walls) - (This works only in Wolf3D v1.0 shareware. This mode can cause really bad things to happen to the game, including corrupting itself, which is why it was taken out.)


Hold down [M] when the game is starting to access a jukebox. It only brings up a few songs at a time; if you keep on doing this, it will randomly pick a separate list of songs for you to pick from.

Tech Support Command Line Parameters

HIDDENCARD - Disable checking for video card.
NOJOYS - Disable checking for joysticks.
NOMOUSE - Disable checking for mouse.
NOMAIN - Disable checking for main memory.
NOEMS - Disable checking for EMS memory.
NOXMS - Disable checking for XMS memory.
NOAL - Disable checking for Adlib.
NOSB - Disable checking for Sound Blaster.
NOPRO - Disable checking for Sound Blaster Pro.
NOSS - Disable checking for Sound Source.
SST - Disable checking for Tandy Sound Source.
SS1 - Disable checking for Sound Source on LPT1.
SS2 - Disable checking for Sound Source on LPT2.
SS3 - Disable checking for Sound Source on LPT3.
NO386 - Disable checking for 386.


The "NOWAIT" command line parameter will start the game directly from the main menu.
If you press [B] [A] [T] all at once, you'll get a message asking why you're trying to cheat, since this is the old Keen Galaxy cheat code.

For quite some time, Apogee distributed a v1.4 of Wolfenstein 3D without the cheat codes. If you try these cheat codes, and they don't work, you have a "cheat codeless" version of Wolfenstein 3D. In that case, contact customer support about a replacement.