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Scubaman's Quest  1994

The sequel to VGA Sharks, Scubaman's Quest is an underwater action arcade game. You play the Scubaman who is attempting to collect rare marine creatures from the bottom of the sea while being attacked by sharks, whales, giant turtles, and a variety of other hostile creatures. This time the screen scrolls as the Scubaman explores levels, trying to survive long enough to reach the end. The episodes aren't terribly long, but the game is ridiculously hard. If absolutely anything touches the Scubaman, he dies instantly. The stun-gun has no effect on the enemies, and only serves to break open chests and destroy mines. Collecting hearts gives you extra lives, which is good because death is frequent. Whether you run out of lives or beat the level, each game lasts only a few minutes. There are 10 episodes in this game, with only the first three playable in the shareware version.

Episode 1: Golden Gates
Episode 2: Dark Cave
Episode 3: Mutant Jelly-fish
Episode 4: Ship-wreck
Episode 5: Shark Attack
Episode 6: Gate Keepers
Episode 7: Poseidonia
Episode 8: Lost Treasure
Episode 9: Escape
Episode 10: Voyage Home

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Scubaman's Quest


Scubaman's Quest v4.0 Shareware (492,401 bytes) 1996-04-01 DOS Play online
Scubaman's Quest v1.10 Shareware (463,467 bytes) 1994-05-01 DOS
Scubaman's Quest v1.0 Shareware (436,434 bytes) 1994-01-01 DOS


Alivesoft no longer sells this game.