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VGA Sharks  1990

The sequel to Alive Sharks, VGA Sharks is an underwater action arcade game. You play the Scubaman who is attempting to collect rare marine creatures from the bottom of the sea while being attacked by sharks. If the sharks bite the Scubaman 50 times, he dies. The Scubaman can shoot the sharks with a stun-gun, which temporarily tranquilizes them, but he can only have one shot on the screen at a time. He scores 1 point for shooting each shark and 10 points for bringing a sea creature back to the cage. You start a new level every 100 points, which increases the difficulty level by increasing the number of sharks, increasing their aggressiveness, and reducing the length of time the stun-gun will tranquilize them. The Scubaman cannot be attacked while in the cage. The game can be played with different underwater foes, which serves as the difficulty level. Ray-bats is a training level in which the raybats are slow and the cage is movable. Sharks is the standard game, and Killer Jelly Fish can kill the Scubaman with a single bite, but the game is slowed down to give you more time to plan your strategy. Originally only the Sharks game was playable in the shareware version, with the other two games only available in the registered version. As of version 1.5, VGA Sharks is fully playable and encourages you to register the sequel, Scubaman's Quest.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of VGA Sharks


VGA Sharks v2.0 Shareware (171,779 bytes) 1994-03-01 DOS Play online
VGA Sharks v1.5 Shareware (170,197 bytes) 1993-10-01 DOS
VGA Sharks v1.2 Shareware (116,546 bytes) 1991-02-01 DOS
VGA Sharks v1.1 Shareware (105,285 bytes) 1990-10-25 DOS
VGA Sharks v1.0 Shareware (113,256 bytes) 1990-04-25 DOS


Alivesoft no longer sells this game.