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Scramble  1990

Scramble is basically Scrabble with more liberal use of letter and word bonuses. Scramble uses a 33 000 word dictionary, with no words longer than 8 letters. The shareware version is not limited in any way compared to the registered version.

Added by DOSGuy


EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of Scramble


Complete version history:

Scramble v1.2 Shareware (120,880 bytes) 1991-07-13 DOS Play online
Scramble v1.1 Shareware (143,694 bytes) 1991-04-01 DOS
Scramble v1.0 Shareware (142,628 bytes) 1990-11-01 DOS
Scramble v1.0 (November 15 revision) Shareware (162,902 bytes) 1990-11-15 DOS


Ted Gruber Software no longer sells this game.