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NHL 96  1995

Listed as "NHL Hockey '96" in the demo, but marketed as "NHL 96", this game was a huge leap forward for the EA's NHL Hockey series. This was the first game to feature a moving camera, which follows the play and zooms in on the action, using what EA called Virtual Stadium Technology. The characters are still 2D sprites, but their size depends on their distance from the camera. It's really a whole different realm of realism. Only Detroit vs. New Jersey can be played in the WWW Demonstration Version, though you can't really complain about being limited to two perennial Stanley Cup favorites. Sound effects are present, but there is no voice or music in the demo. The demo requires a VESA SVGA graphics card to run, though the resolution drops to 320×200 in-game. It's not clear how many minutes the demo can be played for, though it feels a bit longer than the demo of NHL Hockey.

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SVGA Mode 101h

Screenshot of NHL 96


NHL 96 WWW Demonstration Version (3,043,168 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online


Copyright holder Electronic Arts no longer sells this game.

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