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Multiplex  2007

Multiplex is an action adventure game that features some of the most impressive ASCII graphics I have ever seen. Inspired by Pyro II, it was created with the Microsoft QuickBasic 4.5 compiler. By the time you see the letters spiraling onto the title screen, you'll realize that this is no ordinary text-based game. The game uses the ASCII box drawing symbols as a form of dithering to simulate up to four shades of each of the 16 colors available in text mode. Your goal is to navigate brilliantly colored levels and destroy all of the monsters with impressive explosions. The monsters are killed by either crushing them with movable blocks located throughout the map, or getting close enough to make them self-destruct. The latter is more dangerous because you can be killed by the explosions, and the screen can easily fill with flames when monsters set each other off in chain reactions. Even hiding behind blocks is hazardous because the environment is fully destructible. An eye-opening demonstration of what it's possible to do with an ASCII game using the unlimited power of modern computers.

Added by DOSGuy


CGA Mode 03h
80×25×16c 8×8 font

Screenshot of Multiplex
EGA Mode 03h
80×25×16c 8×14 font

Screenshot of Multiplex
MCGA Mode 03h
80×25×16c 8×16 font

Screenshot of Multiplex
VGA Mode 03h
80×25×16c 9×16 font

Screenshot of Multiplex


Multiplex v1.0.1 (75,647 bytes) 2007-09-01 DOS Play online


This game was originally released under a freeware license.