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Moraff's Escapade  1991

A maze platformer with platforms that are can be reached by ladders or climbing across ropes, Escapade is a lot like Jumpman Lives!, except that the levels generally have to be solved by trapping the enemies by picking up and dropping bricks. Your goal is to collect all of the diamonds in each level. Your character can fall from any height without dying, and can even walk on the heads of some enemies! Escapade claimed to be the only 1024×768 arcade game at the time but, like many MoraffWare games, it hardly looks like it takes advantage of that resolution. In the MCGA version (320×200 and 256 simultaneous colors from a palette 262,144), the hero is drawn with only two colors: red and green. The Tseng Super VGA mode, which is 1024×768, features a very detailed background, but the hero is still composed of only three colors: red, blue, and green. There are 10 difficulty levels with 5 levels in each. The registered version contains more levels.

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Moraff's Escapade Shareware (141,125 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online


I have found no ordering information for this game, and it is not listed on Moraff's website.