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MVP Bridge  1994

A DOS version of the classic card game. Play with a computer partner and opponents, or play with other humans over a network or the internet. Each player gets 13 cards and plays one card per hand. In the bidding stage, players take turns declaring how many tricks they can win if the trump suit were, for instance, hearts, or without a trump suit. The next player can outbid a bid of the same number of tricks by choosing a more valuable trump suit. The trump suits, in order of value, are clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades, and no trump. That means that a bid of "2 hearts" can be outbid by a bid of "2 spades". When no player is willing to outbid the highest bid, that forms the contract and the partnership tries to win the number of tricks in the contract, while their opponents try to prevent them. The registered version, MVP Bridge Deluxe, adds multiplayer support and a number of scoring systems and conventions.

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Graphics modes

VGA Mode 12h

MVP Bridge


MVP Bridge v3.03 Shareware (336,674 bytes) 7 May 1996 DOS Play online
MVP Bridge v3.02 Shareware (338,735 bytes) 27 February 1996 DOS
MVP Bridge v2.3 Shareware (345,197 bytes) 1 April 1995 DOS
MVP Bridge v2.0 Shareware (244,510 bytes) 13 September 1994 DOS
MVP Bridge v1.0 Shareware (217,214 bytes) 20 January 1994 DOS

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MVP Software still sells MVP Bridge Deluxe v3.07, a Win32 version of the game, for $39.95 by CD-ROM or download.