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Literati Lite  1994

Literati is Scramble, converted to Windows by Bob Provencher. Diana Gruber felt that the change was significant enough to warrant a name change. Literati is basically Scrabble with more liberal use of letter and word bonuses. The shareware version is called Literati Lite, and the registered version is called Literati PLUS. Literati PLUS comes with a larger dictionary (7 and 8 letter words were excluded from Literati Lite), more music, and a reconfigurable board.

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Literati Lite


Complete version history:

Literati Lite v1.16 Shareware (322,038 bytes) 20 September 1995 Win16
Literati Lite: French Dictionary Edition v1.16 Shareware (325,417 bytes) 20 September 1995 Win16
Literati Lite v1.15 Shareware (318,820 bytes) 25 September 1994 Win16
Literati Lite v1.14 Shareware (Still searching) 19 August 1994 Win16
Literati Lite v1.11 Shareware (Still searching) 23 June 1994 Win16
Literati Lite v1.10 Shareware (517,887 bytes) 23 April 1994 Win16

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MVP Software no longer sells this game.