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Lemmings Paintball  1996

Lemmings Paintball is a Capture the Flag paintball game featuring the cute characters from Lemmings. The user controls a team of one to four lemmings and must shoot other lemmings, avoid traps, solve puzzles, and ultimately have enough lemmings survive in order to capture all of the flags in the level. This often means that not a single lemming can be lost to traps or enemy fire. The game features a 3D isometric view that can't be rotated, so terrain can be hidden by higher territory that's closer to the camera. Network play allows battles with other human players. Levels are separated into four difficulty levels, and levels must be completed in order to unlock the next level. Five levels are playable in the demo version.

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Screenshot of Lemmings Paintball


Lemmings Paintball Demo v1.4 (3,345,066 bytes) 1996-07-03 Win9x


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