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Lemmings  1991

The game that started it all! Lemmings are little guys with green hair who walk in a straight line until they bump into something or die, usually by falling off a cliff. Lemmings can be assigned tasks to perform from one of eight modes: climber, floater, blocker, builder, basher, miner, digger, and exploder. Players must use these modes to guide a required percentage of their lemmings to the exit, overcoming barriers, falls, and traps, all within a time limit. Lemmings splatter if they fall too far, get crushed, juiced, or decapitated by traps, and can blow themselves to bits, individually or en masse, in hilariously gruesome detail, which is a favorite feature of many players, and lessens the frustration of failure. Advanced problem solving and reflexes are necessary to save the lemmings. The shareware version was released in advance of the full version as a "four level taster", and includes one level from each difficulty level. There are 120 levels in this game, with only 4 playable in the shareware version.

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Graphics modes

CGA Mode 05h

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EGA Mode 10h

VGA Mode 10h

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