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Incunabula: The Unspoken Secrets  1997

I'll be honest: this RPG is pretty amateur. Nevertheless, the game had great potential, and it's impressive that an independent author was able to make an RPG at all. Incunabula strived to be a Final Fantasy type RPG with up to six party members, though only one character is playable in the shareware (beta test) version. There is a distinct lack of non-playable characters, leaving towns mostly empty. "Monsters" are all regular animals, which may be because PCX files of the right size were available to the author. The game uses the SVGAQB Graphics Library to run in SVGA mode, allowing up to 256 color graphics, but most of the PCX files that are used for enemies and backgrounds feature only a few dozen colors, making the game look ugly and amateur. What's most interesting about this game is how rare it is. The author didn't list a price for the full version since it wasn't finished yet, and I don't know if it ever was. Selling the game would likely have involved some cost to the author, as the game uses BWSB Music and Sound Engine v1.20 Public Evaluation Edition for audio, and it is unlawful to use that version in programs that are not freeware. Only the first two chapters are playable in the shareware version.

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SVGA Mode 101h

Screenshot of Incunabula: The Unspoken Secrets


Incunabula: The Unspoken Secrets v1.0 Demo (1,882,234 bytes) 1997-05-02 DOS Play online


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