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Hoosier City  1992

Hoosier City is basically the sequel to Robomaze III. The game features the same engine and the same setting: a city in a giant dome that is filled with fantasy enemies like orcs and skeletons and dragons. The hero even arrives in the same way (by helicopter), and still looks like the robot from the Robomaze series, except that he's red this time. The premise is that the world suffered through a nuclear war that left the surviving humans in a small number of domed cities, and you play the ruler of Oil City. Hoosier City has been taken over by mutants, and you must rescue them. Beyond that, Hoosier City is basically The Legend of Zelda for DOS. Your character moves around an overworld filled with bad guys, gets hints from wisemen in caves, finds secret entrances, acquires medieval weapons like swords and axes, and adds hearts to his health meter so that he can take more hits. The hearts even empty half a heart at a time! If you liked the original Zelda game, you'll probably like Hoosier City. Eventually you get machine guns and more modern weapons, but they run out of ammo, unlike the sword and ax. There are 3 volumes in this game, with only the first volume playable in the shareware version.

Volume 1: Assault of the Orcs
Volume 2: Liberating Freedom City
Volume 3: Return to Oil City

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EGA Mode 0Eh

Screenshot of Hoosier City


Hoosier City Shareware Episode (155,284 bytes) 1992-11-27 DOS Play online


MVP Software has made the registered version of this game available for free at