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Robomaze III  1991

Other than the story, Robomaze III has nothing to do with Robomaze II. After defeating the Mad Scientist in The Tower, the robotic hero took a helicopter to The Dome, but forgot its gun! Where Robomaze II was a platformer and shooter, Robomaze III is an adventure RPG. I'll just come out and say it: Robomaze III is The Legend of Zelda for DOS. Your character moves around an overworld filled with bad guys, gets hints from wisemen in caves, finds secret entrances under trees, gains the ability to smash rocks, acquires medieval weapons like swords, axes, and bow and arrows, and adds hearts to his health meter so that he can take more hits. The hearts even empty half a heart at a time! So, while the graphics and title screen music are still bad, and the game has nothing to do with its predecessor, if you like the original Zelda game, you'll probably like Robomaze III. The second volume has over 625 screens and 40 kinds of enemies. Users could register each of the "three" volumes independently, or together at a discounted rate. The surprise is that there are only two volumes: the third game in the bundle is the original Robomaze, which apparently had never sold before. There are 2 volumes in this game, with only the first volume playable in the shareware version.

Volume 1: The Dome
Volume 2: The Final Journey

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EGA Mode 0Eh

Screenshot of Robomaze III


Robomaze III Shareware Episode (136,170 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online
Robomaze III CGA Shareware Episode (115,368 bytes) xxxx DOS


I have found no ordering information for this game.

Cheat Codes

~*H - double hearts
~*M - double money
~*D - double firepower

Each code must be entered separately, and the letters must be pressed while holding down the shift key.