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Duke Nukem  1991

The game that started it all. Duke Nukem is a platform game with robots, aliens, and lots of weapons. A novel addition is that the game features a number of bonuses that are awarded at the end of each level, usually for discovering secret areas. Your ultimate goal is to defeat Dr. Proton, who is trying to take over the world. There are 3 episodes in this game, with only the first episode playable in the shareware version.

Episode 1 - Shrapnel City
Episode 2 - Mission: Moonbase
Episode 3 - Trapped in the Future!

Added by DOSGuy


EGA Mode 0Dh

Screenshot of Duke Nukem


Complete version history:

Duke Nukem v2.0 Shareware Episode (313109 bytes) 1 November 1991 DOS Play online
Duke Nukem v1.0 Shareware Episode (268145 bytes) 1 July 1991 DOS

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Apogee still sells the registered version of this game for $5.99 by download.

It can be downloaded in a Windows-compatible format from GOG for $5.99.

Cheat Codes

Customer Cheat

Pressing [backspace] [pgdn] at the same time will give you all keys and full gun power. This can be used in either the shareware or registered version of the game.

Debug Mode

To activate, start up the game with "asp" as a command line parameter. (It must be in lower case.) Once activated, you can press the following key combinations inside the game. All keys in each combination must be pressed simultaneously.

[G] [O] [D] - Full health & all items
[G] [O] [W] - Level Warp. Sort of. This isn't a real warp; it will just take you to the next level. You need to keep on using it to progress through the levels.