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Descent II  1995

Taking place immediately after the events of Descent, you pilot a space ship that moves 360 degrees in all three dimensions inside of space mines. You work for a mining corporation whose bases have been attacked by an invasion force that is heading towards Earth. The manufacturing facilities have been adapted from building mining robots to develop a robot army. Your mission is to move from mine to mine, destroy the core and escape before the entire mine is obliterated. New to Descent II is a guide bot that seeks out objectives and leads you to them, if you choose to free it. There are 30 levels in this game, with only 3 playable in the shareware demo.

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Graphics modes

VGA Mode 13h

Descent II


Descent II v1.0 Shareware Demo (4,307,914 bytes) 14 December 1995 DOS Play online

Source code

Source code for Descent II v1.2 in Watcom C/C++ 9.5 (1,279,677 bytes) xxxx

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Interplay no longer sells this game.

It can be downloaded in a Windows XP/Vista/7/8-compatible format from GOG for $5.99.

It can be purchased from Amazon:

Amazon .com .ca .fr .de
Descent II US UK
Descent I and II: The Definitive Collection US UK Deutschland

Cheat Codes

Demo Version Cheat Codes

GABBAGABBAHEY - Lose all but 1% of shields and energy
ZINGERMANS - Invulnerability toggle
MOTHERLODE - Wowie Zowie Weapons
ALIFALAFEL - Accessories
EATANGELOS - Homing Weapons (every weapon will home)
ERICAANNE - Bouncing Weapons
BITTERSWEET - Psychedelic walls
PIGFARMER - Use it once and it displays "Hi John!!!". Now reduce the size of your screen. Use it twice and it displays "Bye John"

Retail Version Cheat Codes

SPANIARD - Wipes out all robots, 2nd time kills Guide Bot
GODZILLA - Makes yourself able to kill baddies in one hit by slamming into them
FREESPACE - Level Warp
GOWINGNUT - Makes the guide bot go insane and kill everybody
LPNLIZARD - Makes many weapons home in on targets. even lasers
ALMIGHTY - Invulnerability.
ALIFALAFEL - Accessories
BITTERSWEET - Psychadelic walls (fish bowl view effect)
PIGFARMER - Try it out... (Johns head)
GABBAGABBAHEY - Try it out and see what happens!
HELPVISHNU - Resurrects Guide bot if he has been killed. Or, Creates another one.
ROCKRGRL - Full automap
DELSHIFTB - Destroys reactor, moves ship by exit, toasts all robots, and gives you all items in level!
FOPKJEWA - same thing
AHWLMBPF - again, same thing
FRAMETIME - Displays frames per second.
HONESTBOB - Full Weapons
DUDDABOO - Bounce weapons