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Descent  1994

You pilot a space ship that moves 360 degrees in all three dimensions in this famous shooter. You work for a mining corporation whose bases have been attacked by an invasion force that is heading towards Earth. The manufacturing facilities have been adapted from building mining robots to develop a robot army. Your mission is to move from mine to mine, destroy the core and escape before the entire mine is obliterated. Originally planned as an Apogee shareware title, the shareware version contains the first 7 levels and is missing a few of the weapons. The registered version has 30 levels.

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Complete version history:

Descent v1.4 Shareware (2,877,472 bytes) 11 April 1995 DOS Play online
Descent v1.3 Shareware (2,912,442 bytes) 6 March 1995 DOS
Descent v1.2 Shareware (2,912,611 bytes) 22 February 1995 DOS
Descent v1.1 Shareware (2,909,561 bytes) 6 January 1995 DOS
Descent v1.0 Shareware (2,883,231 bytes) 22 December 1994 DOS


Descent Shareware v1.1 to v1.2 patch (752,349 bytes) 22 February 1995 DOS
Descent Shareware v1.0 to v1.1 patch (579,853 bytes) 6 January 1995 DOS

Source code

Source code for Descent v1.5 in Watcom C/C++ 9.5 (1,510,364 bytes) xxxx

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Interplay has filed for bankruptcy protection and has closed its online store.

It can be downloaded in a Windows XP/Vista/7/8-compatible format from GOG for $5.99.

It can be purchased from Amazon:

Amazon .com .ca .fr .de
Descent US
Descent Anniversary Edition US
Descent I and II: The Definitive Collection US UK Deutschland
Interplay 15th Anniversary Anthology US

Cheat Codes

GABBAGABBAHEY - Cheats enabled!

SCOURGE - WowieZowie Weapons!
MITZI - All Keys!
RACERX - Invulnerability On/Off!
GUILE - Cloak On/Off!
TWILIGHT - Shields Recharged!
FARMERJOE - Warp to Which Level?

***The following cheat codes work only in the registered version***

BUGGIN - Turbo mode; everything (including enemies) speeded up
BRUIN - Extra Life!
BIGRED - SuperWowieZowie Weapons! (includes ALL weapons)
FLASH - Illuminates a path to the exit
AHIMSA - Turns off enemy ships' firing
BIOPSYTOYS - Blows the reactor immediately
POBOYS - Also blows the reactor immediately
ASTRAL - "Ghost" mode; go through doors, etc. (NOT walls)
PORGYS - MEGA WowieZowie Weapons! (Must be seen to be believed)
LUNACY - Robots move fast, fire seldom