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Crates  1991

Crates is a Sokoban-type game with original levels. Each level is full of boxes which your character must push in four directions, one square at a time, onto designated squares to complete the level. Boxes can never be pulled, meaning they can get stuck against walls, and only one box can be pushed at a time. Starting play is really that simple, but the solutions are extremely challenging. The popularity of this type of game has endured for good reason. Originally a CGA game, EGA was added to the registered V.100 release. A new demo was released whenever a change was made to the registered version. The registered versions had version numbers (V.100, V.120, V.125, V.130, V.140 and V.150), while the demos did not, so they are listed as "v1" through "v6" based on the archives being named through (Note that the # in the filenames have been replaced with _ on this site because # shouldn't be used in an URL.) The demos have 5 levels, while the registered versions have 50 unique levels (five floors of ten levels), a level editor, the ability to save and restore games, and the ability bring up options and statistics (as of V.130) during gameplay. With the release of registered V.150, a shareware version ( was created from the registered version that had all of the features of the registered version except for the level editor, but retained the five levels from the earlier demoes. Demo v6 seems to correspond with the V.140 registered version, but the relationship between the other demo and registered versions is unknown. There are 50 levels in this game, with 5 unique levels in the shareware version.

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Graphics modes

CGA Mode 04h

EGA Mode 0Dh



Crates 01-0812 v1.50 Shareware Version (44,791 bytes) 18 July 1992 DOS Play online
Crates Demo "v6" (36,899 bytes) 27 June 1992 DOS
Crates Demo "v4" (37,947 bytes) 11 November 1991 DOS
Crates Demo "v3" (36,375 bytes) 3 October 1991 DOS
Crates Demo "v1" (27,071 bytes) 12 February 1991 DOS

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