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Summit Software  ca

Summit Software was the one-man company of Mark Batchellor, which is known to have created two games: Crates and Jelly Bean Factory.


From Crates Demo v1 (February 1991)

Mark Batchellor
17 Earls Crt.
Holland Landing, Ontario
Canada L0G 1H0
(416) 836-9229

From Crates Demo v3 (October 1991)

Mark Batchellor, Summit Software
Box M44, RR#1
Gormley, Ontario, Canada
L0H 1G0

From The Jelly Bean Factory (1993)

SUMMIT Software
14567 Woodbine Ave.
Gormley, Ontario
Canada L0H 1G0
Tel: (905) 727-6964
Fax: (905) 727-4036


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