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Charlie II  2001

Charlie II is a nice improvement over the original, Charlie the Duck. Every level is full of hidden and secret areas, and the challenge is to find them in order to collect coins and diamonds. Charlie can't leave the level until he has found enough coins, which is determined by the difficulty setting. There are also hidden levels to unlock. The game looks better and has more types of enemies than the original, and Charlie can now enter some areas by diving in the water. Starting with version 2.0, each version includes both a DOS version and a Win9x version that takes advantage of DirectX, adding Scale2x image smoothing, as well as background music and realistic quacking. Both versions are in the same archive. The DOS-only versions have a Win32 installer. There are 18 levels in this game, with only the first 6 levels playable in the shareware version. There is also an expansion pack that adds 18 additional levels to the registered version.

Added by DOSGuy


VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Charlie II

Screenshot of Charlie II


Charlie II v3.11 Shareware (1,819,085 bytes) 2008-01-31 DOS, Win9x
Charlie II v3.10 for Win9x and v3.01 for DOS Shareware (1,775,928 bytes) 2006-12-27 DOS, Win9x
Charlie II v3.00 Shareware (1,626,240 bytes) 2006-10-24 DOS, Win9x
Charlie II v2.07 for Win9x and v2.05 for DOS Shareware (1,544,959 bytes) 2006-02-09 DOS, Win9x
Charlie II v2.06 for Win9x and v2.05 for DOS Shareware (1,541,860 bytes) 2005-03-02 DOS, Win9x
Charlie II v2.05 Shareware (1,249,947 bytes) 2003-12-23 DOS, Win9x
Charlie II v2.04 Shareware (1,245,612 bytes) 2003-11-23 DOS, Win9x
Charlie II v2.03 Shareware (955,383 bytes) 2003-02-02 DOS, Win9x
Charlie II v2.02 Shareware (954,221 bytes) 2003-01-14 DOS, Win9x
Charlie II v2.01 Shareware (Still searching) 2002-12-30 DOS, Win9x
Charlie II v2.00 Shareware (925,360 bytes) 2002-12-18 DOS, Win9x
Charlie II v1.02 Shareware (401,594 bytes) 2002-02-18 DOS
Charlie II v1.01 Shareware (1,029,882 bytes) 2001-11-19 DOS
Charlie II v1.0 Shareware (Still searching) 2001-11-01 DOS


Wiering Software still sells the registered version of this game for $15 by download.