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Charlie the Duck  1996

Charlie the Duck (Charlie de Eend in Dutch) is a beautifully animated sidescroller designed to be appropriate for gamers of all ages. Charlie can bounce on his enemies; jump, but not fly; and wade in the water, but not dive or swim. A few of the enemies are reminiscent of Super Mario Bros. bad guys — such as goomba-like enemies that come in orange and purple versions, and spiked enemies that look exactly like Spinies — but there are a number of original enemies, including bees. The boss of the first level is a giant fish that spits fireballs and is protected by two smaller, invincible fish. You have to jump directly onto its eyes five times to defeat it. After studying the demo video, I was able to beat the level after a few dozen attempts, but it's unlikely that any child born of human parents can beat this level, so just tell your kids that they've won when they get that far. There are 3 worlds in this game, with only the first world playable in the shareware version.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Charlie the Duck


Charlie the Duck v2.4 Shareware Episode (377,824 bytes) 2004-01-24 DOS Play online
Charlie the Duck v2.3 Shareware Episode (414,665 bytes) 2002-08-02 DOS
Charlie the Duck v2.2 Shareware Episode (346,306 bytes) 2001-07-12 DOS
Charlie the Duck v2.1 Shareware Episode (Still searching) 2001-06-01 DOS
Charlie the Duck v2.0 Shareware Episode (Still searching) xxxx DOS
Charlie the Duck v1.9 Shareware Episode (271,239 bytes) 2000-08-14 DOS


Wiering Software still sells the registered version of this game for $7.50 by download.