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BassTour Professional  1998

BassTour Professional is a Win9x sequel to BassTour, with enhanced graphics and thousands of rod and lure combinations. BassTour Professional simulates nearly every aspect of the experience of fishing. Players can put on a life jacket, power up the outboard or trolling motors or paddle the boat, check the weather, turn on the aerator in the live well, and use a GPS. The only thing that's not simulated is actually reeling in the fish! When you get a bite, you have a couple of seconds to set the hook, and then the game tells you whether you reeled it in or not. There are 3 difficulty levels and a practice mode. About 4% of a lake called Biggie Lake is playable in the shareware version. 3 additional lakes could be purchased for the registered version.

Lake Newday
Blackbird Lake
McKenzie's Bluff

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Screenshot of BassTour Professional


BassTour Professional v1.4s Shareware (1,052,514 bytes) 1998-07-31 Win9x


Olsen Outdoors no longer sells this game.