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BassTour  1988

BassTour is a fishing simulation game that simulates nearly every aspect of the experience of fishing. Players can put on a life jacket, power up the outboard or trolling motors or paddle the boat, use an anchor, check the weather, turn on the aerator in the live well, and use a Humminbird LCR 4-ID fish detector. Anglers can choose from 6 rods and dozens of types of bait in dozens of colors. Seriously, this tackle box has hundreds of lures. The only thing that's not simulated is actually reeling in the fish! When you get a bite, the game tells you whether you reeled it in or not. Originally an EGA game, v2.0 added CGA and Hercules modes, and v4.0 added 256 color VGA Mode 13. The EGA mode remains the default because the higher resolution of 640×350 EGA allows more of the map to be seen than VGA's 320×200, but the higher color VGA mode can be selected from the command line. A Win9x sequel, BassTour Professional, adds better graphics and even more rods and lures. There are 4 difficulty levels. There are 16 lakes in this game, with only 6 playable in the shareware version.

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Screenshot of BassTour
CGA Mode 04h

Screenshot of BassTour
EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of BassTour
VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of BassTour


BassTour v4.9 Shareware (155,043 bytes) 1993-08-04 DOS Play online
BassTour v4.81 Shareware (168,956 bytes) 1992-10-02 DOS
BassTour v4.8 Shareware (161,917 bytes) 1992-07-31 DOS
BassTour v4.7 Shareware (161,100 bytes) 1992-01-31 DOS
BassTour v4.55 Shareware (147,733 bytes) 1991-10-10 DOS
BassTour v4.4 Shareware (154,720 bytes) 1991-01-24 DOS
BassTour v4.3 Shareware (150,791 bytes) 1990-07-17 DOS
BassTour v4.2 Shareware (150,831 bytes) 1990-02-07 DOS
BassTour v4.0 Shareware (150,740 bytes) 1989-12-12 DOS
BassTour v3.0 Shareware (140,628 bytes) 1989-10-17 DOS
BassTour v2.6 Shareware (Still searching) 1989-05-09 DOS
BassTour v2.5 Shareware (159,606 bytes) 1989-02-18 DOS
BassTour v2.0 Shareware (121,837 bytes) 1988-12-29 DOS
BassTour v1.0 Shareware (101,139 bytes) 1988-10-31 DOS


Olsen Outdoors no longer sells this game.