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Aspetra  1996

Perhaps the most advanced shareware RPG ever released for DOS, Aspetra is a console-type RPG with an epic story. The pseudo real-time battle system is straightforward and polished, and the graphics and sound are quite good for this genre. Equip weapons and armor, cast magic, and fight monsters as you explore a huge fantasy world full of towns and dungeons. Talk to the people to aid you in your quest and cause the story to unfold. Monsters attack in groups of one to five, but always a single type of monster. While certainly a strong RPG, the game is often too easy for experienced adventurers. For instance, you can save at any time (except during battle), the HP for each enemy is displayed on the screen (except for bosses), and HP and MP are fully restored whenever the hero gains a level. The registered version completes the story that begins in the shareware version.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Aspetra


Aspetra Shareware Version (429,428 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online


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