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Argo Checkers  1993

Argo Checkers is a VGA version of the ancient game known as Checkers or Draughts. Around the world, the game is played with different board sizes and capturing rules, but this version is played on an 8×8 board with the capturing rules commonly used in Britain and North America. That means that men can only capture forward, kings can capture in any direction, and men cannot continue capturing if they capture into the promotion row. Capturing is compulsory, and a piece can and must continue to capture if it is able to jump multiple pieces but, unlike some international variants, the player is not obligated to take the path that leads to the greatest number of captures. That is, if a piece can make two captures by jumping left, or three captures by jumping right, the player can choose which move to play. Black is supposed to go first, but in this game red goes first. The game is for two human players only. Registered users can play against Craniac, a powerful computer opponent.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Argo Checkers


Argo Checkers v1.2 Shareware (543,513 bytes) 1993-10-25 DOS Play online


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