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Aquanoid  1992

Aquanoid is a German Arkanoid clone with 15 kinds of bricks and 24 kinds of power-up drops. Eleven of the block types break with a single hit and differ only in point value, while the "titan" requires multiple hits and the "cracker" may be unbreakable. The "shooter" and "x-shooter" fire shots that destroy other bricks when hit by the ball. Among the power-up drops are three "T" (Terminator) drops that allow the paddle to fire (the stronger versions allow titan and cracker blocks to be destroyed); three "X" (eXit) drops that warp to the next level, the previous level, or forward multiple levels; the "U" (Undead) drop adds a floor to prevent the ball from being dropped; two "I" (Irritate) drops make the game harder by blending the ball into the background or messing with movement; the three "K" (Knocker) drops allow the ball to pass through bricks instead of bouncing off of them (the "titan-knocker" can break titan bricks and the "cracker-knocker" can break cracker bricks); the "O" (Oldie) slows the ball down; the three "H" (Hold) drops allow the ball to be caught once, caught infinitely, or immediately brought back to the paddle; and "L" (large) makes the paddle larger. Aquiring any power-up immediately removes the effect of any previous power-up. Up to four players can take turns playing (up to two in the shareware version). There are 150 levels in this game, with only the first 20 playable in the shareware version.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Aquanoid


Aquanoid v1.35 Shareware (149,233 bytes) 1993-01-31 DOS Play online
Aquanoid v1.1 Shareware (76,599 bytes) 1992-07-17 DOS


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