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Xtreme Games LLC has existed since at least December 1998. At that time, it was a publisher for games like Astro 3D, Ganja Farmer and The Adventures of MicroMan, all developed by independent authors. In early 2004, the section where those games could be ordered was replaced by a link to their new eCommerce site, eGameZone Networks (, at which point they apparently stopped selling DOS and Win16 games. Around October 2004, Xtreme Games LLC began to redirect to XGameStation, which is apparently owned by Nurve Networks LLC.


From Astro3D:

Xtreme Games LLC
P.O. Box 641744
San Jose, CA 95164-1744
Phone: 408.945.9495
Web Site:

Starting in 1999:

Xtreme Games LLC
435 Milan Drive, Suite #115
San Jose, CA 95134


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