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To request that a game be added to the site, please post your request in this forum thread. The process of adding a game to the site is quite lengthy. I have to research the legality of distributing the game, find every version of the game that I can, and play the game so that I can write a review and take a screenshot. Because I have a job and a family, I can usually only add one game per week, and other games might be at the front of the line, so your game might not make it onto the site for months. Unless...

If you'd like to do all of the work that I listed above, you can submit the game yourself! Pick a game that you'd like to add to the site, write a review, and provide at least one address to a reputable website where I can find an unaltered copy of it that I can legally distribute.

Submission guidelines

I will edit your review for spelling and grammar. I may make changes to your review, or I may write my own review. Please don't submit a review unless your ego can handle that.

The more effort you put into writing a thorough review, the faster I'll be able to add the game to the website. Send your review to requests -AT- (this website) DOT com.