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Zone 66  1993

Zone 66 is a 360° scrolling shooter that takes place two centuries in the future in a time when Earth is unified by single world government. Terrorism has been a problem, but now there have been nuclear attacks. You are a former member of the Global Security Agency and your city has been destroyed, and your wife and child with it. Defeat the terrorists and have your revenge. There are a number of aircraft to choose from, and you can choose what weapons you arm them with. You can return to the hangar during battle to repair and reload. The intro is a gritty anime sequence with a killer soundtrack (in SoundBlaster mode; cool and powerful in Ultrasound mode; rather tame in Adlib mode), and bits of the story are revealed after each level. There are 8 episodes in this game, with only the first episode playable in the shareware version.

Episode 1 - Foreign Shores
Episode 2 - Ice Wind
Episode 3 - Desert Heat
Episode 4 - War Plains
Episode 5 - Highway Fury
Episode 6 - Plantation Crash
Episode 7 - Hell
Episode 8 - Final Frontier

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Zone 66 v1.5 Shareware Episode (1,017,774 bytes) 1994-03-21 DOS Play online
Zone 66 v1.0 Shareware Episode (1,064,022 bytes) 1993-03-13 DOS


Add-on Gravis Ultrasound musical sound track for Zone 66 (348,071 bytes) 1994-03-21 DOS


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