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Zombie Wars  1996

The sequel to Alien Carnage. Set three years after the events of Alien Carnage, Halloween Harry is back, and this time Diane is also a playable character. Harry still has his jetpack, but his primary weapon is now a photon gun instead of a flame thrower. The world is still full of flammable zombies, though! If you save all of the hostages in a level, you can play a bonus game called Zombie Apocalypse, where your goal is to kill as many zombies as you can in 20 seconds. The most notable change is that Zombie Wars is a Win16 game, though its clearly still a DOS game at its core, and probably still based on the original Alien Carnage engine. The game's resolution is standard 320×200×256c VGA (Mode 13h), though Zombie Wars uses WinG to stretch the graphics to any other resolution. I really can't see any reason for this to be a Windows game and, of course, using Windows instead of DOS increased the system requirements. The graphics and animation are still good and feature parallax scrolling. The sound effects seem less impressive by 1996 standards, and Harry's "injury" sound is clearly taken from Alien Carnage. The demo was first released on 29 July 1996, and was re-released in 1998 with a Win9x installer. There are 10 missions in this game, with only the first mission playable in the shareware version.

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Screenshot of Zombie Wars


Zombie Wars Shareware version A1 (2,508,562 bytes) 1998-07-10 Win16
Zombie Wars 1.0S Shareware (9,238,463 bytes) 1996-12-21 Win16


Gee Whiz! Entertainment no longer sells this game.