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Yoda Stories  1997

A cute little Star Wars adventure game using the same engine as Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures. The player controls Luke Skywalker, who can move around in real time, explore from one connected map screen to the next, and collect items to help him solve puzzles. He can use weapons to fight storm troopers and vicious animals, and he can push or pull objects to reveal hidden items or get across barriers. Luke starts with his lightsaber as a short-range weapon, and can find blasters, blaster rifles, and use the Force as long-range weapons. The game is designed to be beaten in 30 to 60 minutes and is different every time. The one constant is that Yoda explains your mission on Dagobah at the beginning of each game, and gives you the first item you need to get started. Replay value is high, and the combat difficulty can be adjusted to make the game fun for children and experienced gamers alike. The preview demo isn't limited in any way, except that the only one mission is available, on the ice world of Neshtab, out of billions of possibilities.

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Screenshot of Yoda Stories


Yoda Stories Demo v1.00 (3,282,625 bytes) 1997-02-18 Win9x


LucasArts no longer sells this game.

It can be purchased from Amazon:

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