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Xargon  1994

In Xargon you play Malvineous Havershim, an archaeologist who was studying ruins in Madagascar when a trap caused him to lose consciousness and wake up in a strange world ruled by the evil Xargon. Presumably this planet has very low gravity because you can jump very high and fall from great heights without injury. I question the ethics of the hero at times. He's an archaeologist visiting a new world and some of the creatures in the earlier levels seem to be minding their own business and merely defending their territory, but he gets points for killing them anyway. The monsters and power-ups are interesting, and the graphics are extremely detailed and shiny. The music sets the mood well, and there is a reasonable variety of voices. The difficulty level is lower than many platformers, reducing the frustration factor, and the game focuses on exploration and has many secret areas, which is exactly the way I like a game to be. The quality of the graphics, music and exploration remind me of Hocus Pocus. A level summary or completion indicator to let you know when you've found everything would have been nice, but otherwise the game is quite enjoyable by any audience. There are 3 episodes in this game, with only the first episode playable in the shareware version.

Episode 1: Beyond Reality
Episode 2: The Secret Chamber
Episode 3: Xargon's Fury

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Xargon v3.0 Shareware Episode (593,419 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online
Xargon v3.0 Registered Version (1,389,169 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online


Rare Xargon Artwork not used in the final game (77,658 bytes) 2012-11-23

Source code

Source code for Xargon in Borland Turbo C (312,404 bytes) xxxx


Author Allen Pilgrim generously released this game as freeware under the Kiloblaster and Xargon Freeware License on 4 August 2008.