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World Empire IV  1996

The fourth game in the popular world domination series, World Empire IV improves on World Empire III by adding online play. It's also possible to see how many armies are in each nation by hovering the mouse pointer over a nation, and there are buttons for both regular and blitz (continuous) attacks instead of having to toggle between attack modes. Player images have been replaced with photographs. The world is still divided into 139 nations, each of which supports one of the players' ideologies. Version numbers continue from where they left off in World Empire III, starting with v3.01 in World Empire IV. The game converted to Win9x with v4.00, and added invasion by air and sea. The shareware version can be played by one to four players, with the computer serving as the opponent in a one player game. The registered version can be played against up to seven computer opponents, and adds four new ideologies.

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Screenshot of World Empire IV


World Empire IV v4.5 Shareware (4,727,707 bytes) 2002-01-07 Win9x
World Empire IV v4.00 Shareware (4,763,970 bytes) 1999-09-22 Win9x
World Empire IV v3.01 Shareware (649,825 bytes) 1996-06-12 Win16


Viable Software Alternatives still sells World Empire V Deluxe, a Win9x version of the game, for $18 by download or CD-ROM.