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WinTrek  1990

A number of games based on the old Star Trek game for minicomputers were named WinTrek. This is one is notable for being developed by TSoft, the company that later made Football for Windows. The game is simple: you command the Enterprise and search a grid of 8×8 sectors, each of which are made up of 8×8 coordinates, trying to destroy a certain number of Romulans with a certain number of days. There are a couple of frustrating factors: when you put energy in the shields, it doesn't add it to whatever energy was already there, so the existing energy is just wasted; and when you lower your shields to go to warp, the energy doesn't go back into your reserves, again being wasted. Wasted energy is factored into your final score, but it's still annoying. As in other versions of the game, your various systems are sometimes damaged, but in WinTrek systems can fail for no reason when you're not even in battle! The classic gameplay of the original is still present, but this is one of the harder versions I've played. There are three difficulty levels in this game.

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Screenshot of WinTrek


WinTrek v2.0 Shareware (55,880 bytes) 1990-01-01 Win16 Play online


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