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War-8}!  1990

War-8}! is a tank wars game for two human players. The author gave it an odd name to differentiate it from all of the other games called "war", and because it represents a smiley emoticon. The terrain is randomly generated before each battle and some buildings are placed on the map, which provide a small amount of cover. Each side gets five tanks and may use one of them to fire each turn. There are three types of weapon: rocket-propelled grenade, amplified light pulse, and pyrotechnic missile. The RPG requires creates a small explosion and is fired by choosing the angle and power. The amplified light pulse is a laser which fires in a straight line from the chosen angle and travels until it hits something, bouncing off the walls and ceilings. It gradually loses power as it moves, and can fizzle out if it never hits anything. The pyrotechnic missile is the most power weapon, and the most difficult to use. It requires angle, power, and the amount of fuel to use to deliver it to the target. The player must press D to make it detonate, and the timing is important to get the maximum yield. If timed properly, the explosion can be huge and will usually destroy any tank with a direct hit. The catch to all three weapons is that angle, power, and fuel levels must be selected from moving gauges, so getting your shot to travel at the angle and distance you want requires proper timing, making this a game of reflexes as well as skill.

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EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of War-8}!
VGA Mode 12h

Screenshot of War-8}!


War-8}! Shareware (46,633 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online


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