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Virtual Chess  1995

Virtual Chess – known as Virtua Chess in Europe – is a powerful chess engine with a full-featured interface. The game features an extensive opening book (which allows the computer to play common openings without thinking about them) and reports the ECO (Encyclopedia of Chess Openings) code for every opening played, as well as the opening name in English or French. The board and pieces can be viewed in 2D or polygon-generated 3D, and there are a number of options for time controls and difficulty level. Virtual Chess also features a number of analysis features, including a "Search for Mate" feature. The Windows port uses WinG for graphics (DirectX wasn't included with Windows 95 until OSR2/Windows 95B in 1996), and a version was compiled for Win32s to allow it to be played using Windows 3.1 (a copy of Win32s is included). Only 20 moves can be played in the shareware version of this game.

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VGA Mode 12h

Virtual Chess
SVGA Mode 100h

Virtual Chess
SVGA Mode 101h

Virtual Chess
SVGA Mode 102h

Virtual Chess
SVGA Mode 103h

Virtual Chess
SVGA Mode 105h

Virtual Chess

Virtual Chess


Virtual Chess Shareware v1.03 for Windows 3.1 (3,893,217 bytes) 6 December 1995 Win32s
Virtual Chess Shareware v1.03 for Windows 95 (1,711,483 bytes) 6 December 1995 Win9x
Virtua Chess Shareware v1.0 (25,447,158 bytes) xxxx DOS

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It can be purchased from Amazon:

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