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Virtua Squad  1996

Virtua Squad is an impressive Windows port of the Sega Model 2 arcade game, Virtua Cop. One or two players play the role of police officers working to bring down a criminal syndicate. Basically, your job is to shoot the bad guys before they shoot you, and not shoot the hostages (which costs you hit points). The game auto-navigates the players and auto-zooms in on the enemies as they attack you, showing off the 3D environment. Bad guys are immediately identified by a green circle that forms around them, gradually changing from yellow to red as the enemy is about to shoot at you. Shooting the weapon out of an enemy's his hand earns a "bullseye" bonus. Weapon upgrades and health refills can be picked up, sometimes hidden in breakable barrels or crates, and sometimes dropped by dead gangsters. When your gun runs out ammunition, reload by double-right clicking (if using the mouse). Instead of the gun used in the arcade, Virtua Squad uses mouse, keyboard or joystick input. There are 3 stages in this game, with only the first scene from Stage 1 playable in the shareware sample.

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Screenshot of Virtua Squad


Virtua Squad v1.00 Sample (6,140,980 bytes) 1996-11-15 Win9x


Sega no longer sells this game.

It can be purchased from Amazon:

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