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Velcro Mind  1995

Using the mouse, you move a four-colored ball around the screen. The left and right mouse buttons rotate the ball left or right. Small, colored balls fly around the screen, and they will stick to your cursor if they hit the right color, otherwise they take away one hit point. Your cursor can collect any number of balls, but your goal is to eventually move the cursor over hands on the sides of the screen, each one representing one of the four colors, which will take the balls from your cursor and award points for them, which vary based on the color of the balls. Hit points can be restored by touching small galaxy-shaped spirals.

Added by DOSGuy


VGA Mode X

Screenshot of Velcro Mind


Velcro Mind v1.1 Freeware (38,963 bytes) 1995-05-26 DOS Play online


This game was originally released under a freeware license.