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VGA Jigsaw  1990

The sequel to PC-Jigsaw, this puzzle game is literally a puzzle game. The game cuts pictures into squares, the number of which is based on the difficulty level, and you have to rearrange them back into a puzzle. This isn't a sliding puzzle, though; you click on two pieces to swap them. There are 50 jigsaw puzzles in this game, with only 5 playable in the shareware version.

Added by DOSGuy


VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of VGA Jigsaw
SVGA Mode 101h

Screenshot of VGA Jigsaw
SVGA Mode 103h

Screenshot of VGA Jigsaw


VGA Jigsaw v4.0 Shareware (338,343 bytes) 1996-04-01 DOS Play online
VGA Jigsaw v2.10 Shareware (368,812 bytes) 1993-08-01 DOS
VGA Jigsaw v2.0 Shareware (Still searching) 1992-12-01 DOS
VGA Jigsaw v1.65 Shareware (183,943 bytes) 1990-10-22 DOS
VGA Jigsaw v1.6 Shareware (Still searching) 1990-10-22 DOS
VGA Jigsaw v1.51 Shareware (Still searching) 1990-06-05 DOS
VGA Jigsaw v1.5 Shareware (178,245 bytes) 1990-05-24 DOS
VGA Jigsaw v1.1 Shareware (Still searching) 1990-04-24 DOS
VGA Jigsaw v1.0 Shareware (Still searching) 1990-03-01 DOS


Alivesoft no longer sells this game.