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Turbo  1987

A simple CGA racing game that takes place on a road that has only one lane per direction of traffic. Generally speaking, you should try to drive on your own side of the road, and only enter the oncoming lane to pass. There are two gears and no brakes (though you can slow down by releasing the gas or shifting down to first gear). There's not much else to it, but it has the novelty of being one of the first racing games for the PC.

Added by DOSGuy

Graphics modes

CGA Mode 04h



Turbo v1.0 (17,667 bytes) 31 October 1987 DOS Play online

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I have been unable to locate the author online, but there is a mailing address in the game. The game indicates that you can send the author $5 as a sign of gratitude, and to get a free copy of a game he was working on at the time. The implication is that the game is freeware.