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Tube  1995

Tube is essentially a development demo that Bullfrog published on the cover CD of the February 1995 edition of UK magazine PC Games, and the April 1995 edition of German magazine PC Player. Your goal is to reach the end of seemingly endless tube before the time runs out, while destroying enemies and collecting weapon upgrades. The tube often wraps all the way around the screen, allowing the player to drive upside down. The tracks obviously repeat, but there is an end and, despite being a very simple game, by the second level it can become quite enjoyable. Two players can play in split-screen mode. The PC Player release contains a license that stipulates that the game can be freely distributed online only.

Added by DOSGuy


VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Tube


Tube PC Player release (1,049,099 bytes) xxxx DOS
Tube PC Games release (1,049,351 bytes) xxxx DOS


This game was originally released under a freeware license.