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TigerFox  1984

Originally written for an HP palmtop computer, Everett Kaser ported this game to the PC around 1984 as a personal project, but it has never been distributed until now. The original port used CGA's 640×400 monochrome resolution, and was later upgraded to EGA. You are in a maze, and you must turn left or right in order to change the direction you're facing so that you can move forward. Within the maze is a fox, who moves slower than you and leaves a trail behind him. Also in the maze is a tiger, who moves at the same speed as you and moves toward you by taking the most direct path to where you are. Your goal is to avoid the tiger and catch the fox, preferably clearing the trail as well. There are wraparound exits that everyone can go through, and special dotted exits that you can move through, but the tiger can't. Some levels feature a "mazechange" square, which changes the maze if either you or the fox move through it. You gain points for clearing the trail and catching the fox, and lose points for being caught by the tiger. The game ends when your score drops to 0. There are 45 mazes in this game.

Added by DOSGuy

Graphics modes

EGA Mode 10h



TigerFox v2.1 (16,550 bytes) 8 August 1990 DOS Play online

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Everett Kaser generously allowed me to post this unreleased game on our site.