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Three Point Basketball Deluxe  1993

A humorous little game based on the three point shooting contest at the annual NBA All-Star Game. You compete against ABSA stars who have very similar names to real basketball stars. You use the mouse to control the power and angle of your shot as you shoot five balls from five positions before the time runs out. The final ball in each rack is worth two points, making 30 a perfect score. Five difficulty levels let you select how precise your shot needs to be, and the location of the target can change from shot to shot or a fixed location. There is a practice mode and a tournament mode that up to four humans can play against the computer. A fun little diversion. The Deluxe version has a lot more digitized voice, new graphics and twice as many ABSA stars.

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Three Point Basketball Shareware Version (644,563 bytes) xxxx DOS
Three Point Basketball Deluxe Registered Version (2,783,229 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online

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Author Dan Hilton has generously released this game as freeware.