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The Neverhood  1996

The Neverhood is a graphic adventure that moves beyond being a game into the realm of being art. From the backgrounds to the incredible animation, The Neverhood is a game made entirely out of clay. The hero is a creature named Klaymen, who can explore and interact with his environment by clicking on objects and locations. The game starts with little instruction or story, leaving the player to figure out what to do and let the story unfold, kind of like Out of This World. The game is low on dialog and high on physical comedy, with many items hilariously hurting Klaymen. Beyond the groundbreaking visuals, The Neverhood features an appropriately mood-setting soundtrack to give the whole world a surreal and cinematic feel. Two demos were released: a larger demo that contains the first two rooms and allows some movement outside, and a "lite" demo that contains only the second room and allows less movement outside.

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Screenshot of The Neverhood


The Neverhood Lite Demo (11,852,265 bytes) 1996-09-25 Win9x
The Neverhood Full Demo (22,415,075 bytes) 1996-09-25 Win9x


Microsoft no longer sells this game.

It can be purchased from Amazon:

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