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The Color Wizard  1994

At first glance, The Color Wizard appears to be just a coloring book for children. Actually, it's an advanced drawing program and tutorial. The Color Wizard makes it easy to apply shading, and uses dithering to simulate 700 colors. If you click on the Artist button, the artist teaches you drawing techniques, such as shading and the effect of light on objects, and reflections. The Book button gives information about the subject of the drawing, such as dinosaurs and sharks. It's educational and fun. There are 40 pictures in this game, with only 8 available in the shareware version. The full version is now freeware, but it can't be distributed without permission, so you'll need to go to ImagiSOFT's website to download it.

Added by DOSGuy


VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of The Color Wizard


The Color Wizard v1.2 Shareware (680,416 bytes) 1995-04-01 DOS Play online
The Color Wizard v1.0 Shareware (633,131 bytes) 1994-04-01 DOS


ImagiSOFT has generously released this game as freeware, which can only be downloaded from their website.