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The Chaos Engine  1995

Originally an Amiga game, The Chaos Engine was eventually ported to DOS. Playing cooperatively with a computer or human partner, two guys with guns shoot everything that moves in this overhead view shooter set in Victorian era England. A genre known as "steampunk", the premise is that a scientist in the era of steam engines and the age of rapid advancement of science and technology creates a device called the Chaos Engine, which quickly fills the world with monsters and robots. Both characters start with very little health in the demo, which makes it difficult to play for very long. Only the first level is playable in the shareware version.

Added by DOSGuy


VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of The Chaos Engine


The Chaos Engine Shareware Demo (529,692 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online


The Bitmap Brothers no longer sell this game.

It can be purchased from Amazon:

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